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Consulting Partnership: Welcome

Through a consulting partnership, we'll create deep and meaningful relationships with your employees and the customers and communities that you serve. We'll ensure that your goals around equity and belonging are authentic and true to your company's culture.

We have developed and designed programs around pay equity, access, and opportunity gaps for a cohort of companies, NGOs, and government agencies of all sizes and industries. Through this work, we have developed an extensive network of Diversity and Inclusion professionals throughout the country. By partnering with TADA Partners, you'll have access to this thought leadership.

Services offered: 

  • Design and launch organization-wide DEI initiatives.

  • Manage DEI programs, tracking and reporting results towards progress.

  • Communicate DEI and Social Impact strategies to and with
    all levels of your organization from C-Suite to Workforce,
    ensuring all voices and identities are heard and receive access. 

  • Design and implement best practices and benchmarks
    specific to your company's needs and goals.

  • Educate recruiters on data-supported diverse hiring practices.

  • Create and launch Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
    which will create a sense of belonging and deliver business outcomes.

  • Advise on pay equity practices.

  • Provide latest data-backed, bias-free performance evaluation processes. 

  • Act as subject matter expert on workplace flexibility and
    parents-in-the-workplace initiatives,
    including managing a flexible and remote workforce.

  • Collaborate with you to design career pathways for emerging leaders.

  • Develop and implement corporate giving and community engagement initiatives. 

  • Create cohesion around your DEI, Social Impact and
    Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.  

Consulting Partnership: Welcome


Consulting Partnership: Image
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